Belle and Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch Missed the Fugazi Show in Dolores Park, Wants to Play in Dolores Park

From a recent profile detailing the origins of Belle and Sebastian:

On the day he had to return home, Murdoch remembers, the seminal D.C. post-punk band Fugazi played a show in Dolores Park. He’s still sad about not being able to go. But it was then, health improved, guitar skills in tow, first songs already written and performed, that Murdoch vowed to return to San Francisco with his own band.

“I always wanted to play in Dolores Park,” he says, still wistful after nearly two decades. “I hope that Treasure Island will have a similar vibe.”

Oh, cool. Wait. Treasure Island has a fine vibe, but it’s no Dolores Park. CAN WE GET A BELLE AND SEBASTIAN SHOW IN DOLORES PARK PLEASE??


According to this picture by photographer Chris Belew, and this article, they played there in 2000, with Sleater-Kinney, but that would’ve been well after Murdoch started Belle and Sebastian. So, FUGAZI HAS PLAYED MULTIPLE SHOWS IN DOLORES PARK??


15 thoughts on “Belle and Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch Missed the Fugazi Show in Dolores Park, Wants to Play in Dolores Park”

  1. I remember that Fugazi show…June of 2000 I believe. It was a madhouse and was also a bit of a somber affair for many of us who had just had a good friend pass away two days earlier.

  2. I went to that show. So rad. Vic Chesnut played too. It was crowded, but not really a madhouse. You could walk right up to the stage without pushing through any crowd. I remember Ian Mackaye telling people to stop moshing and to go throw some bricks through bank windows. I’ve got some photos of this show somewhere.

  3. I remember it well. It was a fundraiser for Food Not Bombs and it happened ONE DAY after I’d moved to SF. I can still remember my internal dialog:

    “Okay! Here I am in this awesome new city. It’s my first weekend here and I don’t know a soul. I wonder if I can find something cool and cheap going on!”

    *picks up flyer*

    “Holy fucking shit.”

    Funny thing: damn near everyone I’m now friends with who was in SF at that time was at that show, though I didn’t know them yet.

  4. I saw them in 2000, and it was fucking awesome. And yes, a Belle & Sebastian show in the park would be indescribably better than the enormous thing out on the Island. Especially in this weather!

  5. The permits and regulations are obscenely expensive i hear, I’m hired to do the sound there for 2-4 events a year and i can say that…
    A>rad idea, no brainer, shows should be a regular thing at the park
    B>even with money it will never ever never happen because of the neighbors.

  6. Great show, great day.
    Some kids were fucking up the portapotties and someone from Fugazi gets on the mic and says something along the lines of

    “punks always got to fuck up the bathroom, whats the sense in that”

  7. Yeah well, who was at the Minor Threat/MDC show at the Tool & Die on Valencia in, oh, ’83? I’m waiting………wait is that a crusty old geezer coming this way now?

  8. This geezer was there! I had moved from Atlanta within the prior year and was disappointed no one seemed to know Vic Chesnutt or care. He got a really mild crowd response. Fugazi was excellent, and I was in heaven close to the stage. Ahh, the halcyon days of yore.

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