Olympic Downhill Shopping Cart Luge

Okay, this picture doesn’t do it justice, but what picture possibly could? (Well, Todd Lappin might do a decent job.)

In any case, this dude came barreling down Market Street at top speed on a fully loaded shopping cart, squeaking through the Octavia intersection right as the light turned yellow. How’d he time it just right like that? I can’t even seem to get it right on a bike, with brakes and speeds — and steering!

What an athlete!!

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3 Comments on “Olympic Downhill Shopping Cart Luge”

  1. ShaunC Says:

    I saw a similar situation this morning; 9:20a on the 38…
    dude went bombing down geary in the wrong direction from laguna to webster.

    it’s gotta be a modified cart.

  2. melissa Says:

    Not a shopping cart, but I once saw a guy in a motorized wheelchair zooming down Valencia (in a regular lane, not the bike lane). It was kinda badass.

  3. Ariel Dovas Says:

    I once watched these two kids barrel down the freeway overpass on 20th and Tennessee sitting atop garbage bins. They came through the intersection and skidded out like pros then jumped off and scampered away.

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