Blue Bottle Pulls Out of Dolores Park Behind Threatening Blog Comments

The Bay Citizen reports:

And now, after blog comments about spitting and vague word of tire-slashing, Blue Bottle owner James Freeman said that he has decided not to drive his trailer into the park at all.

“I don’t need this controversy,” Freeman said. His main issue, what to do with the four employees hired to operate the coffee truck, which was permitted for daily operation for two years, has been happily resolved, as the employees will be distributed throughout other Blue Bottle locations and catering operations.

Blog comments about spitting and tire-slashing? Classy. Mission Mission commenters, thanks for not being those kinds of commenters. Read on.


Blue Bottle Not Actually the Next American Apparel?

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14 Comments on “Blue Bottle Pulls Out of Dolores Park Behind Threatening Blog Comments”

  1. MrEricSir Says:

    In other news, I’m going to start selling Big Macs in Dolores Park just to piss off Chicken John.

  2. Ah, another victory for the ‘Keep Jobs Out Of The Mission Alliance.’ Remember: only constant vigilance can keep us unemployed.

  3. Eon Says:

    Intimidation. It’s Progressive!

  4. Marcy Says:

    Like MissionMission said, nice people, nice comments on this blog! I for one am happy that Dolores Park won’t have generators and trailers around children and those that enjoy getting from commercialism and urban sprawl will be able to continue. Blue Bottle will do just fine on their 10- 20 million in annual revenues, we can still go to The Summit and enjoy their coffee as I am going as I write this. Guess Im just a good ole fashion NIMBY

  5. meave Says:

    You see what happens when you give any credence to Stephen Elliott and his Serious Opinions on Commerce in the Mission? Trouble and strife, nothing but trouble and strife.

  6. Ryan Says:


  7. Amanda Says:

    Did you notice John took out that sentence “And now, after blog comments about spitting and vague word of tire-slashing, Blue Bottle owner James Freeman said that he has decided not to drive his trailer into the park at all.” in the blog post? Very interesting… Of course that’s the part that got all the play in the media.

  8. bighemp Says:

    Damnit there goes my sustainable bicycle-powered single-origin coffee truck tire-repair service. Actually that might night be a bad idea…

  9. manymachines Says:

    I sort of came around on this one after reading KevMo’s take over at the Almanac. (KevMo: secretly persuasive when he’s not so angry!) The economics in question bothered me — the city was renting out a prime location for far too little (~$1k/mo?) compared to what stores nearby pay, and it didn’t make that much sense to do this with so many vacant storefronts on Valencia.

    (The Stephen Elliot / Chicken John arguments don’t make much sense to me. It’d be nice to see a Blue Bottle in the Mission, since I never manage to get up to the other locations.)

    • redbearded Says:

      But Kevin doesn’t make a good argument either. He’s just as aimless with his opposition as Stephen Idiot and Chickenshit John are. First, they’re against the “commercialization” of Dolores park. Then, when they realize that that doesn’t hold any water since there is already precedent for granting permits for commercial vendors to operate in public spaces, they single out Blue Bottle for somehow not being local enough. Then there is something about Dolores park being a “national treasure”… ?!? Then they say it’s all the parks and recs peeps fault for not notifying them personally about the deal and not employing the same flawed permitting process used by the planning department. And, as you point out, they then are FOR the commercialization of Dolores park but that RPD should be charging MORE money for the privilege of setting up shop in their precious national treasure. All the while, La Cocina is still on track for opening a truck in the park and that, for some reason, is OK.
      Total lunacy.

    • cr Says:

      Kevin made an error in his post and never corrected it. It’s 1K/mo + 10% of revenue. Blue Bottle was estimating $2500/mo minimum. I have no idea whether that’s a fair price, but Blue Bottle’s claim was that they try to keep rent below 6% of revenue at other locations.

  10. Mich Says:

    Well…actually they are against commercialization in the park and support small carts. Why make it so complicated. Cheers to Stephen and Chicken J for braving a team of Blue B. publicists that own the most biased media on the planet and pooooor James Freeman for having to place 4 new employees in his 20 million dollar empire and what a shame he dropped out forgo’ing the $1000 a month he would have had to pay for the most prime space in Dolores Park. I want the real reason they dropped out….che

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