Do Not Remove Your Shoes in a Cafe

Missed Connections brings us a cautionary tale of feet and socks and couches at cafes:

Quick etiquette tips to the cafe goer (mission district)

• Do not remove your shoes in a cafe.
• Do not then wind those sweaty-ass feet under you on the couch.
• Especially don’t do that when your fucking socks LOOK LIKE THIS.

Seriously. It’s fucking gross.


Now can we determine which cafe this is so we can all stay the hell off that couch?

14 thoughts on “Do Not Remove Your Shoes in a Cafe”

  1. I’m so glad that hipsters can also be seen as fucking pigs.

    cause some of them are.

    great post. That guy must be so embarrassed.

  2. Gross. I’ve seen people do this at bars too, as in take their shoes off and put their feet up on the table. This isn’t your living room, people!!

  3. Probably put the rest of his cold coffee in a paper cup, took a few sips as he left then lovingly placed it on someone’s steps or even better “hid” the piece of used garbage in a bush. Love that clean hipster way of littering…

  4. I’m so glad the fashion police are out and embarrassing complete strangers. That’s what makes the Mission so charming: patronizing, judgmental and lacking empathy.

    1. No kidding. You see the bottom of their feet sometimes? Look like they just came back from a hiking excursion through the Amazon.

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