Arizmendi Grand Opening Celebration Today

Box Dog Bikes alerts us to this fact in yesterday’s post about Co-op Awareness Month. Read all about it.

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4 Comments on “Arizmendi Grand Opening Celebration Today”

  1. kiya Says:

    I went in there last week, why does the place look kinda temporary?
    Everything from the fixtures to the menus taped onto the wall printed on white paper..

  2. Mike Says:

    I just left with a provolone-olive roll and a ‘cheese roll’ that looked too good to resist –

    I’m glad to finally find a piece of the ‘Valencia Renaissance’ that I can personally tap into – I quit drinking awhile back, so the wine bars / artisan beers hold no charm for me (though I think they fill a role on the block), and most of the food is either a) reasonably expensive (for me) or b) not too different from other places i visit (crepe house, zaytoon) –

    I’d like to see a solid vitamin shop on the strip – scarlet sage is cool for what they stock, but more of a boutique selection – i’m thinking gym supplements, nootropics and the like. I’d also love to see a pool parlor / video arcade, but my last research outing left me feeling like the stand-up gaming industry really isn’t doing anything compelling these days, and that the physical-gun shooter games are the only ones that seem to be reasonably popular. Retro games would *almost* work, given the neighborhood – I still like the idea, but economics might be sketchy.

    – Mike

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