Arizmendi Is Open! Grandly!

The music is good, the staff is pumped, and there are plenty of Chocolate Things, plenty of every kind of cookie — plenty of everything you could possibly want.

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7 Comments on “Arizmendi Is Open! Grandly!”

  1. redbearded Says:

    What???? WHy wasn’t I personally notified that this chain bakery (locations in Marin, berkeley, emeryville, and oakland) was opening up on my beloved precious Valencia street! I’m going to start a blog to stop them from selling their chocolate things right now. Harumph!!!

    • Kertesz Says:

      It’s a locally owned store with multiple locations which is hardly a chain, get over yourself.

    • Rod Says:

      arizmendi is a co-op, blue bottle is backed by corporate investment dollars, if you’re going to be a smart ass at least try and get a basic understanding the argument you are attempting to poke fun at.

  2. subframe Says:


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