Zooey Deschanel Singing ‘God Bless America’ at the Giants Game

TK has a number of thoughts on the matter. Here’s a taste:

I don’t even like GBA as a song, and I like even less the forced patriotism of being told to treat it like some secret national anthem. I guess this took off after 9/11 and then just stuck, like permanent war and the TSA. Go ahead and call me un-American if you must, but I’m happy with the one national anthem we already have.

Read the rest, and watch the video, here.

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11 Comments on “Zooey Deschanel Singing ‘God Bless America’ at the Giants Game”

  1. tacotron Says:

    Heard she sucked, but then when you consider point #1 after the jump it’s kinda true. I think Zooey has a good voice, but it’s more like old school country…which is awesome. I saw She&Him at TIMF, and after you get over the fact that you are staring at Zooey Deschanel,you realize the music is kinda mediocre.She can jump around and smile all day though haha.

  2. Her whole folksy twang seems like such an affectation I can’t stomach it. But, I do think she would have been better off singing the national anthem than Ben Gibbard. That was painful.

  3. TheTens Says:

    I often forget which country I am in by the seventh inning, so it’s nice to have that reminder. Also, this song is talking about the jesus god and not one of them foreigner gods, right?

  4. MrEricSir Says:

    Are you sure it wasn’t Katy Perry?

  5. chalkman Says:

    It was her, she sat two rows behind me and my buddies….personally, I hate “God Bless America” and wish we sang “America the Beautiful” instead.

    She did a pretty straight country-folk version, think Alison Krauss with lesser pipes.

  6. melissa Says:

    I’m just wondering what the heck she’s wearing.

  7. Jack Walker Says:

    true that, god bless america is schmaltz, written by king of schmaltz irving berlin right? it absolutely came back around s a result of the sept 2001 attacks. remember the gawd awful spectacle of the congress singing it, oh the humanity.

    But here’s the thing, philly was whistling at timmy lincecum. phuk philly, they think SF sashays, guess what lincecum beat your ace. And guess double what we so cool Zooey Deschanel sings at our game!

  8. Chencha la Gambá Says:

    Speaking of Singer; it looks like she made her own dress.

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