New Mission Beach Cafe?

Brunch Today

(file photo of MBC brunch)

According to Zagat Buzz the owners of Mission Beach Cafe (who successfully turned a retro furniture store into an upscale brunchy-dessert spot) are looking to turn the former Ebb and Flow (and Craig’s PLace [sic] before that, etc.) into a another brunchy-dessert spot.

Having an upscale brunch place on the corner of 18th and Guerrero seems to make sense – there isn’t a real brunch restaurant in that little area (unless you walk one whole block and go to Luna Park for your beer in a bag, that’s right, I’m still not over that) and people love to spend money on food there. But on second look, I’m not so sure. The new restaurant will focus on vegetarian food (sounds good, getting that Real Good Karma Cafe crowd back down the hill) and seafood (didn’t work out so well last time) as well as specialty desserts (across from Tartine??) on a corner that locals have long considered to be cursed. Who cursed it and what their motive may be is unknown (to me), but nothing seems to stay there very long. I guess we’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, what should they call it? Something boring/annoying like Guerrero Gulch Cafe? What about Cursed Corner Cakes?

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12 Comments on “New Mission Beach Cafe?”

  1. cochise Says:

    Did they check with Chicken John and the owner of Faye’s to make sure that this is ok?

  2. Rod Says:

    yet another tourist destination i can’t afford . . . anyone else miss Craig’s Place?

  3. Matt Says:

    “specialty desserts (across from Tartine??)”

    I guess “come for Tartine, go across the street to avoid the 30 minute wait”?

  4. chalkman Says:

    It has been cursed by crap food most of the time, the pre-stabbing Platanos chef was my favorite food coming out of there…

  5. MrEricSir Says:

    When I first moved to the area, one of the first things I saw was the mob of people outside Mission Beach Cafe. I assumed it was just another hipster hellhole cafe, but I was totally wrong. The brunch there is just awesome, and pretty reasonably priced.

    Anyway, as a pescatarian, I totally approve of their new idea. Ebb & Flow wasn’t bad, but it was essentially the same concept as WFC just down the street. Let’s hope the folks behind Mission Beach can finally lift the curse.

  6. marco Says:

    I heard (and I’m not sure if it’s true) that it’s the owner of that building who is trying to do all the failed restaurants there. I always thought the spot was cursed also, but maybe it’s just the owner.

  7. Mamiel Says:

    True- hope Chicken John and Faye’s says it’s OK to open a business in the neighborhood!

    Seriously, though, I got all excited when I read this because I though you were saying they were moving to the former Ebbtide Cafe (at 26th and South Van Ness). that is another cursed space that would benefit from a tasty breakfast tenant.

  8. FEB Says:


  9. LibertyHiller Says:

    Craig’s rocked as a weekend brunch place, but when I stopped by on any of the other five days in the week, I was usually the only customer. There’s a reason why there aren’t many lunch places in the West Mission; the people with jobs aren’t around for lunch, or on a nice day they’re at the park.

    The Liberties can afford to lose money on lunch, because the restaurant service allows it to operate with a full liquor license. I don’t know why Craig’s never tried staying open later, because you won’t make your nut on two days a week, even when your dad owns the building.

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