I Miss 12 Galaxies

I was on that weird balcony at Hotel Utah looking down at this okay band Petracovitch the other night, and couldn’t help but fantasize I was on the awesome balcony at 12 Galaxies looking down at some amazing band.

Reread the tirade I wrote when I first learned 12 Galaxies was going under, if you want.

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3 Comments on “I Miss 12 Galaxies”

  1. Evan Says:

    For real though. It should be re-opened, hold nightly shows, and employ The Fucking Champs as the house band.

  2. Ian sarrad Says:

    I imagine the dudes from Petracovitch reading this. The first dude says “Awsome! Missionmission says we are an OK band.” and the second dude says “Any press is good press!”

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