Late-Night Romance Outside Taqueria Cancun

“Hey, sexy,” he says, “How ’bout me and you go to town on a WET BURRITO together?”

No, I made that up. I love Taqueria Cancun. Look here.

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4 Comments on “Late-Night Romance Outside Taqueria Cancun”

  1. OK, Allan, what if I buy a new camera and give you my old one? No, wait — I can’t afford a new camera either.

  2. carlos. Says:

    finally had a burrito from there, got waaayyy too full couldn’t drink anymore for a while.

    good burrito tho

  3. abbas Says:

    a friend posted this posting on my facebook page the very next day. this is the first time i’ve made an appearance on a blog!

  4. Congratulations. I think most San Franciscans would say that your choice of orange t-shirt, black pants, and big hair was a major good-luck charm for The Giants.

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