San Francisco Map Copper Cuff

Fugu Designs fabricated this killer piece of jewelry just for you:

This copper cuff bracelet was photo etched using a map from 1909.

Streets run from 29th to Buena Vista and Douglas to Noe.

The recesses were highlighted for contrast and the face is protected with a layer of Renaissance Wax.

Made from a 6 inch length of copper, the bracelet measures 2.5 inches across and 2 inches tall. It’s a standard medium but has a little give.

Only one available! Buy it now!

(There’s also a Detroit and a Chicago and some other stuff.)

[via Nattles and Jess]

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4 Comments on “San Francisco Map Copper Cuff”

  1. dave Says:

    That is a pretty cool concept.

    But the problem is who would want to be seen advertising the Mission these days? It’s sort of like a tie-dye t-shirt that says ‘Haight St’ on it.

  2. double-wide stroller Says:

    it’s a map of Noe Valley. Wear if you want to.

  3. Drew Says:

    Noway Valley…

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