Pop’s the Sports Bar

Kristopher sends us word (and a pic) of some exciting (albeit admittedly unexpected) news:

This just in! Pop’s installed a new, huge TV! That makes three, which is closing in on sports bar territory, making the Phoenix proud. It’s probably for easier viewing of the Golden Girls, or maybe even the World Series, who knows?!

Naw, it’s probably for watching old reruns of MTV’s Headbangers Ball.  Either way, add Pop’s to the list of places to watch the Giants in the Mission!

(Thanks Kristopher!)

Somebody Pleeease Put Some Clips on YouTube!

Fabulous news! Television historian David Enos has uncovered official (?) synopses from episodes of 100 Van Ness, the SF-based ’70s sitcom we mentioned a couple weeks back. Here’s the first:

“Win Some, Lou’s Son” Lou’s estranged son re-appears.  Candace discovers a new recipe for her specialty, Christmas cake, and the kitchen gets out-of-hand.   Reed finds out that his new job as a Shakespearean actor is no walk in the park.

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