Retro Reels of Sutro Baths


Wow, look at these old motion picture reels of the Sutro Bath ruins we discovered in the vault!  They must be super ancient, like from the 20s or something!  (Click the photos to view the shorts)

Wait, it says here that the facility didn’t even become ruins until it burned down in a fire in 1966!  Perhaps these are from the 60s then?  I don’t know, they seem kind of too old to be from the 60s.

Wait a minute, is that the Cliff House?  Stupid vault!  Anyway, should you find yourself with nothing to do on a nice sunny day, might I recommend that you bike out to Sutro Cave for some Goonies-style speulunking action?  Just be careful not to fall off the cliff!


Get Thee to Heron’s Head Park

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3 Comments on “Retro Reels of Sutro Baths”

  1. Doug Says:

    I hate to tell you this. They are post 1966 when then bath house structure burned while it was in the process of being dismantled.

  2. Doug Says:

    Whoops, I didn’t read it all. There are some great location shots of Sutro Heights Park and the Sutro Bath ruins in “Harold & Maude”, a 1971 cult classic.

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