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Live World Series Billboard

October 27, 2010

Now this is a good use of public space, if you ask me.

Thanks, Rachel!

OddFellow LTD

October 27, 2010

Rally Kitten

October 27, 2010

Uh oh, less than one hour to go before the first pitch!  Almost time to break out the Rally Kitten!

PS.  Please do not make fun of the Rally Kitten for having a weird tiger nose or a head that is seemingly too large for his body.  He is already starting to develop a complex.

[Photo by Matt Garcia via Facebook]

Bike Sharing Coming to SF!

October 27, 2010

Says Inhabitat:

The program will allow registered members to unlock bikes electronically with a “smart card” or credit card for a set amount of time, with fees determined by how long the bikes are taken out (much like Zipcar). Trips for half an hour or less would be free. And in order to deter would-be thieves, each bike will be outfitted with GPS units and RFID identification tags.

Rad! Bike sharing always looks like so much fun! Read on!

[Photo by Barcelona Cycle Chic]

Star Wars Meets Día de los Muertos

October 27, 2010

Guera de Estrellas!  Noticed this over at, who you may remember was responsible for the non-paparazzi shot of Dave Chappelle at Pakwan a while back.  Check out the rest of them here!

BTW, don’t forget to donate to the Dia de los Muertos non-profit because the city has raised permit fees and the organization is in a funding crisis!

Beady-Eyed Egghead

October 27, 2010

This oddly menacing guy is scrawled on the trash bin in the men’s room at Beretta. Why would someone vandalize Beretta? Perhaps the vandal, like me, was upset to find the Improved Whiskey Cocktail no longer officially on the menu. Sure you can still order it, but how will future generations even know it exists?

The Selby Goes Inside Humphry Slocombe

October 27, 2010

Not a lot you maybe haven’t already seen, but it’s a lot of nice pictures.

[Thanks, Mike and Al!]