‘Real’ Giants Fans

Ramona today takes a look at what makes a “real” Giants fan:

If there is one things that San Franciscans never cared about before and now care about a whole bunch that thing is their baseball team, the Giants.

You have never in your life known so many people who one minute were only interested in iPhones and bars and new media, and never said one thing about sports who are suddenly getting in fights with their friends because they NEED to have the Giants game on during their book club meeting.

Read on.

[Animation by The Tens.]

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12 Comments on “‘Real’ Giants Fans”

  1. joshua Says:

    ‘bigger than jesus’

  2. Christina Says:

    I’m diehard Giants fan, born and raised in SF along with so many of my friends and under the age of 50 ;) …. I love that everyone is loving the Giants. More fans is a wonderful thing! GO GIANTS!!

  3. Bob Dole Says:

    Sorta like how when they have news reports in bars and the camera pans to the douchey crowds and ditzes in the back ground.

  4. drinker Says:

    Bandwagon fans think they are getting the “experience”, THEY HAVE NO IDEA/CLUE what it really means to be a fan.

    Come november, all you’ll have to show for it is a barely used giants hat.

    If you weren’t there when times were tough, you’ll never understand how fun it really is.

  5. rick ross Says:

    never cared. still dont care.

  6. Ryan Says:

    So true.

  7. moderniste Says:

    I fully admit to being a bandwagoneer this year. Didn’t pay much attention during the regular season except to Tim Lincecum and his strange but compelling babe-ishness.

    BUT…I was raised in a Northern Cali household of die-hard Giants and Niners fans. You could not crossover and like the A’s or (eww) the Raiders.

    AND, I earned and still proudly wear a Croix de Candlestick, so I keep that in my back pocket for tedious bores who pull the “you’re not a real enough fan” thing.

    GO GIANTS!!!

  8. moderniste Says:

    P.S. 11-7 in a game with Lincecum v Lee??? Gotta love the offense!

  9. void Says:

    I hate Texas more than I hate baseball, go giants!

  10. freddy Says:

    here we have something that brings together so many different flavors of san franciscans and some still can’t control their negative vibes. enjoy the game. everyone!

  11. melissa Says:

    I’m excited because during the game, all the restaurants are empty!! Seriously, there were about ten people in Pakwan last night. Though it looked like they had a good amount of to-go orders going on.

  12. Foodie-go-home Says:

    Foodies are way worse the wagon-hopping nouveaux Giants fans.

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