Yeah. Painfully cute, right? And they’re up for grabs, down at the SF SPCA.

Oh, what? Your place doesn’t allow pets? As we learned earlier this year, rules like that can often be circumvented. Circumvent!

The kitty’s name is Apple Fritter by the way. Just sayin’.


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4 Comments on “Kitty/Puppy”

  1. piratesnack Says:

    That dog has a glory hole!

  2. tk Says:

    I signed a lease that said “No pets.” I now have a dog and a cat. How’d I do it? I asked the landlord and he said “Sure.” Never hurts to ask.

  3. Steve Says:

    Out of the five places I’ve lived with my dog, three were listed as “no pets” or “no dogs”, while two hadn’t thought about it before I applied. In all cases after the first, I provided the prospective new landlord with a sort of rental resume for my dog. It contains pictures (because he’s fucking adorable), documentation of his shots, a recent statement from his vet about his demeanor, and references from previous landlords and neighbors.

    Landlords say no in their ads because they don’t want someone to show up with a gigantic man-eating hellhound who does nothing but shit and bark. When you drop the hammer of integrity on them they see that not only is your dog well-behaved, but you’ve got your shit together and are probably a better tenant than 95% of the dipshits in their potential tenant pool. Win.

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