Did You Make Out With Slimer This Weekend?

Tumblr’er extraordinaire YMFY asks the internet:

If you were the girl dressed up as Groucho Marx Saturday night and you made out with Slimer from Ghostbusters, send me a message. Didn’t even catch your name. You’re new from Portland. I have no shame.

There must have been some serious chemistry there if they were able to collectively get over the gender-bending and general repulsiveness of Slimer. I personally try to avoid making out with ghosts. Ectoplasm stains don’t wash out.

Surely someone knows the mystery Marx sister? Help a bro out.


Nattles found another dude who fell for “Groucha” Marx on craigslist. This guy didn’t get as far as making out, though. You go Groucha!

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2 Comments on “Did You Make Out With Slimer This Weekend?”

  1. nattles Says:

    my roommate just turned me onto the magic of post-halloween missed connections.

    this isn’t the only post searching for the groucho marx girl: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/mis/2035007710.html

  2. Shannon Says:

    Not Halloween, but still a beautiful missed connection:


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