Open Yourself Up!

In contrast to our rather neggy F-Market story from last week, Rachel Ann Brickner (not pictured) brings us a happy story. She’s on her bike, she rolls up next to a bus waiting at a light. Its driver is friendly, right off the bat:

“Hello!” he said.

“Oh, hello,” I said, turning back & smiling. “How are you?”

“Great! How are you?”

“Good!” I paused & looked around. “The weather’s nice today, yeah?”

“Sure is. Perfect when driving one of these guys,” he said, tapping the steering wheel with his palms.

“Yeah,” I said, extending it, unsure if I should tell him more about myself. “I’ve always liked cable cars. They remind me of Pittsburgh.”

“Oh yeah? Is that where you’re from?”

I nodded.

See how it ends!

And then think about it all day! Open yourself up!

[Photo by Troy Holden]

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One Comment on “Open Yourself Up!”

  1. LibertyHiller Says:

    Brickner’s story doesn’t refer to the F-Market at all; she’s talking about “one of the kitschy buses designed to look like an old San Francisco cable car.”

    Aside from that little detail, it is indeed a nice story.

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