And Then They Smashed the Cab Window

While the cab was trying to get away (albeit very slowly) down Valencia at 16th.

I’m all about Go Giants, but we kind of lost it a little bit tonight, guys.  I mean, someone got stabbed and we set a bunch of shit on fire.  Keep it classy.  Act like you know.

Author: Andrew Sarkarati

caution is the path to mediocrity. gliding, passionless mediocrity is all that most people think they can achieve.

9 thoughts on “And Then They Smashed the Cab Window”

  1. Wow–that REALLY sucketh. In the Lower Haight, my hood, things remained happy and exuberent. People were mobbing the intersection of Fillmore and Haight, but were cool enough to still let buses thru. I hope the City can redeem itself on Wednesday at the parade!

    1. we’ve sort of been here before, just not with beisbol. if you lived in san francisco when the 49’ers were the team of the decade or whatever the hell, you would understand why some people like myself were automatically a bit wary of the prospect of a sf sports team winning a championship (not to mention some even worse things that have happened when the 49ers lost). not that i am not happy for the giants and their fans, but i did count the minutes from the moment the game ended to the moment it started to feel like a dmz in the mission where i dwell.

  2. About the picture: That was not a cab…it was a guy who brought a beater down to the party and told everyone to jump on top. The window was already cracked when he got there.
    There were a couple cabs that drove though (even when people told them not) but they didn’t seem to get as many hoppers as the ones who were encouraging it.

  3. yeah i was out in the mission at that intersection for a while and it was totally cool. i believe dudes’s story about the beater.

    thug life!

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