Car Plows Revelers, Revelers Swarm Car [Video]

At about 2 minutes in, this car plows clean into a crowd of people. It’s unclear who is hurt and how bad, but there is shrieking. Then the crowd swarms the car, and you hear threats and lots of glass breaking.

This is a genuinely scary movie:

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23 Comments on “Car Plows Revelers, Revelers Swarm Car [Video]”

  1. Ace Says:

    My friend was hit, I haven’t heard much but so far I think he is mostly ok. I have no idea if any else was hit.

  2. Junip Says:

    Oh noes! A car plowed into our peaceful crowd of bonfire building, sign smashing, celebratory vandals!

    Not that I condone running people over with your car, but seriously, you start shit, you should expect other people to pile more shit on top of your shit, and then you’re covered in shit. Or a car.

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

    • pcdc Says:

      you are a idiot. by writing stupid things on a blog you should expect to be kicked in the groin.

      • Junip Says:

        You stand in a mob causing trouble and you should not expect to be safe. Simple as that.

      • cornhole Says:

        The idiots are the ones standing around a bonfire with shit eating grins on their faces. Nobody is saying they got what they deserved. If you put yourself in a situation like that, then have a higher chance of something bad happening to you, and these people had a bad thing happen.

      • jim Says:

        How ignorant can we get?

        It is lucky that no one got seriously injured or killed by the driver’s idiotic, dangerous and self-obsessed decision to try and gun his car through a huge car of people instead of backing up and heading a different way.

        None of the individuals celebrating deserve to be hit by a car. No one was threatening the car, no one ran out in front of it suddenly, nothing. The reason we “can’t have nice things” is fucking crazy, homicidal selfish motherfuckers gun their cars through large groups of people. It’s really, really ignorant to try and assign blame in this incident to any of the innocent revelers.

      • Junip Says:

        Jim, no one is saying the crowd deserved to be mowed down. These so called “innocent revelers” that you’re referring to started a bonfire in the middle of the street. They are on camera trying to destroy public property, they are obviously not innocent. There are no bystanders in a mob. Anyone standing in it is contributing to the anonymity of the instigators. Like I said, if you stand in a mob that is causing trouble, you cannot expect to be safe.

        And since we didn’t see what happened to the car before it plowed into the crowd, you might want to refrain from talking about that part. Even with the new video from above you can’t see the car before it was 10 feet from the crowd.

        Perhaps the driver ran into a situation similar to this, which also happened last night. Oh, those pesky “innocent revelers.”

  3. holmes Says:

    dude, that’s fucking attempted murder

    • Bob Dole Says:

      What about attempted stupidity on the crowds part?

      • jim Says:

        Yeah, you’re right, who the fuck am I to think, during a spirited celebration that a car won’t just gun its way into a crowd of people for no reason.

      • cornhole Says:

        Since when is arson spirited celebration?

      • Hates Your NeoCon bs Says:

        Bob Dole, if being stupid warranted trying to kill someone, then you and cornhole would have been killed long ago. fuck off

      • cornhole Says:

        Being stupid didn’t warrant attempted murder moron. Being stupid made them vulnerable to being run over.

        They are standing in the middle of the street starting fires. An equally stupid person drove into them. They are all stupid and all lose.

        I’m also about as far as one can get from being a neocon too bud.

      • Bob Dole Says:

        Maybe it’s just me, but people in mobs usually lack what’s called a “gut instinct”. You know, that thing that evolution, God, mother nature gave to human beings to stay away from “danger”. Oh wait, you were probably dancing on top of the poor 14 Mission driver’s bus.

  4. Boxthor Says:

    Hey, I know that there’s like, 10,000 people in front of me, AND A bonfire, but instead of diverting one block, I am going to attempt to drive through people as if they weren’t solid.

    Alternatively, here’s how peaceful the Excelsior was.

  5. Matt Says:

    Here’s a video from 24th and Shotwell last night. Street fires were going for several hours…

  6. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

    The guy tried to plow through the crowd, drove right into it at some speed. He is lucky all he got was a beatdown, frankly.

    Not advocating vigilante justice, just point out that if you start trying to run people down, it should be much of a surprise if they take exception to that.

  7. Dave R Says:

    I thought the Giants won?

  8. JSP Says:

    I was on the roof above the corner of 21st and Mission and saw the car mow through the crowd from above. I don’t know what precipitated it, but the fact that it happened, and the violent reaction to it, scare and sadden me.

    I captured it here:

  9. Did the dude get Reginald Denny-ied for it?

  10. cornhole Says:

    The drop went well… Dude’s car got a little dinged up though.

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