Location Location Location

Still can’t afford the Dolores Park castle? Bummer.

You have two options: overthrow an Argentinean cocaine baron and usurp his operations, or move to Chicago, where an equivalent residence can be had for one-tenth of the cost at $750K. If you ask me, this is a better-looking church-turned single family home. Plus, less people pee on it on weekends.

Sally at Curbed SF says:

Perfect for a new owner with a god-complex, this converted church boasts 39-foot ceilings, pine flooring, a dining nook on the altar, and a gaping central nave. Furnishing that cavern in any meaningful, never mind cost-efficient, way might be quite the challenge, but there’s plenty of space—and city approval—to divvy it up into multiple units.

You do have to move to Chicago, though. I hear it’s a great city and the bridges smell like chocolate.

Get the scoop over at Curbed SF.

Author: Vic Wong

I own a sword. I like to write. I am a software engineer for pandora.com. I am a gypsy jazz guitarist.

2 thoughts on “Location Location Location”

  1. you have to go back in time to get the bridges smelling like chocolate smell. which, by the way, my friends and i occasionally used to find the bloomer’s sample room when we forgot the intersection (look for the salvation army water cooler and smell for the chocolate).

    the dogpatch here occasionally smells like brownies, too, but i think that’s more to do with me riding past mr & mrs miscellaneous while they’re making hot fudge or something of the sort.

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