Why Can’t All Bread Be Tartine Bread?

Aww, look how good it looks! I look at this picture by Shelley P. (and do blow it up so’s you can see the rest of the loaf) and I ache for this bread to be in my mouth.

The other day I was at Rhea’s and ordered an avocado-and-cheese sandwich on Tartine bread (that’s right, Rhea’s stocks Tartine bread so’s you don’t have to stand in line at Tartine to enjoy Tartine bread), but they were all out! I was so bummed! The other bread was good too, but it was no Tartine bread.

Tartine bread.

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9 Comments on “Why Can’t All Bread Be Tartine Bread?”

  1. kimberly Says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm tartine bread….

  2. Because most other bakers in the city know how not to scorch their crusts?

    (In fairness, the other bakers are clearly not as good at hiring beautiful 20-somethings to work the counter.)

    • Ryan Says:

      Oh please, name a bakery in the city that makes better bread?

      And btw, the other bread that Rhea’s uses is Acme. Amazing bread in its own right.

      • In my experience: most of them. (Noe Valley bakery on 24th, and Arizmendi are both better and within walking distance.)

        But to each their own: enjoy your carbon!

  3. trixie Says:

    are the beautiful 20 somethings the reason that i can’t walk in my own neighborhood on weekends since the tartine line is ten miles long?

  4. chalkman Says:

    maybe it’s the magic of not baking bread AT NIGHT, LIKE EVERY OTHER BAKER IN THE WORLD, so that people can actually buy it in the morning, instead of at 5pm, available for 12 minutes….

    while I’m ranting, how about letting us buy that brioche that actually gets baked at night (or early morning)…

  5. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

    I think Acme’s bread is significantly better than Tartine’s.

  6. LambofGod Says:

    U a dumbass, Dr.

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