“Here was Sophie,” explains Fashionist, “in a Peggy Noland standing casually in line at Tartine.”

And why not? Also, she found this expensive designer thing at Community Thrift! Dang! Anyway, I didn’t know what Peggy Noland meant before just now, but I’m impressed.

Definitely read the rest of the story, and definitely follow the link to the Peggy Noland online store and check out what’s up this season.

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5 Comments on “This”

  1. dude Says:

    that’s san frantastic.

  2. kiya Says:

    This is upsetting.

  3. James O'Boston Says:

    I’m confused.

  4. melissa Says:

    Am I the only person that immediately flashed on Edina (Jennifer Saunders) from Absolutely Fabulous?

  5. chalkman Says:

    how do you take a leak when you are wearing that? She looks like a Sesame Street superhero, “Alphabet Girl”….

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