CONTEST: Win Tickets to Premiere of New Spike Jonze Movie About BMX Radness

It’s called The Birth of Big Air and it contains scenes like this. See that litle dude on a bike about a 300 feet above the lip of that ramp? That’s Mat Hoffman, BMX superstar and star of the film, which looks at how the rad world of BMX got even radder.

Jeff Tremaine of Jackass is director, and Spike and Johnny Knoxville are producers, and it’s screening Saturday at the Victoria Theater as part of this year’s Bicycle Film Festival. (What’s that? You still haven’t been inside the Victoria Theater? Tsk tsk.)

Here’s the invite with a few more pertinent details:

And here’s the trailer:

To win a pair of tickets, leave a comment below relating your best BMX-related story. We will pick a winner based on merit. Contest closes Friday at noon.

Or you can always just buy tickets here.



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2 Comments on “CONTEST: Win Tickets to Premiere of New Spike Jonze Movie About BMX Radness”

  1. SimonSays Says:

    I once rode a BMW. Like a boss. Now, not so much. Thank you very much.

  2. manymachines Says:

    This was part of ESPN’s (surprisingly good!) documentary series “30 for 30”, and it aired on TV a couple months ago. But it was good, and it would probably look great on a big screen.

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