Drink Caddy Holds Your Drink While You Step Out for a Smoke or a Phone Call

Last Whiskey Wednesday I was at, I heard two whole people complaining that their drinks had been bussed or stolen or knocked over while they were outside doing something. And I was like, “Hello: drink caddy.” And they were like, “Wha?”

This is the drink caddy, and we’re lucky to have it. Know it, use it.

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3 Comments on “Drink Caddy Holds Your Drink While You Step Out for a Smoke or a Phone Call”

  1. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

    Were those people adhering to the International I’m-Coming-Back-Don’t-Take-My-Drink Code of putting your beer mat on top? If not, they should have known better, however if they WERE, then yes, this is a truly outrageous transgression!

  2. alyssa Says:

    Im glad humankind has come up with something like this, were not trying to find a cure for AIDS or anything. On another note, I offer the same service, but instead of holding drinks while bar hoppers run out for a ciggy, I keep girls’ vaginas warm while their boyfriends are on vacation.

  3. Vic Wong Says:

    I had to look at this 4 times before realizing there’s a girl hidden in it.

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