Empire Screening at Mission Workshop This Friday

Okay, so the dudes that pop half-mile wheelies through city traffic are probably the type of cyclists that make people who aren’t cyclists hate cyclists (say that 10 times fast). But I’m not gonna lie, it’s a blast watching these reckless assholes fly through the insane intersections of Manhattan in the trailer for Empire, screening at Mission Workshop on Friday.

Sure, we’ve got the morning Market St. scrum, but does that really compare the the car/pedestrian clusterfuck that is Times Square? As the New Yorkers say, “forget about it!” Wait, do they still say that? New York readers please confirm/deny. Also chime in on these babies: “Why are you breaking my balls?” “Let’s get some fucking pizza” and “Fuck you, asshole!”

Back to the trailer. Check out those amazing skitchin’ shots. In case you aren’t familiar with the 1994 Sega Genesis game of the same name, “Skitchin'” is when you grab on to a car and hitch a ride. It’s like swimming with the whales except the whale is your enemy.

Check out the youtube trailer and the details below:

Mission Workshop is hosting Bicycle Film Festival San Francisco with the screening of Empire.  The Bicycle Film Festival is a platform to celebrate the bicycle through music, art and of course film.  As part of it’s 10th anniversary line-up the festival will be showing Empire at Mission Workshop Friday, November 12 at 6:00pm, tickets are $7 and can be purchased at the BFF website: http://www.bicyclefilmfestival.com/san-francisco

Let’s be fair,  though. SF probably started this sort of bike video nonsense with Mash.

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10 Comments on “Empire Screening at Mission Workshop This Friday”

  1. sheabones Says:

    BTW, “skitchin” a ride can only be done on a skateboard.
    SKateboarding + hITCHIN’ a ride = SKITCHIN

    BIking + hiTCHING = BITCHING ;)

  2. sjbrown Says:

    If you bicycle in a way that puts others at risk, please stop. Also: you are not invited to my birthday party.

  3. spaghettibro's Says:

    “Okay, so the dudes that pop half-mile wheelies through city traffic are probably the type of cyclists that make people who aren’t cyclists hate cyclists”

    Don’t think you have to not ride bikes to be irritated by assholes on bikes, just a thought.

  4. Maureen Says:

    Riding a bike is fun.

    Laying in a hospital bed as a vegetable is not fun. Living with the knowledge that you caused an accident where someone was killed is not fun. Breaking your mother’s heart by killing yourself doing something stupid is not fun.

    • EverythingSucks Says:

      Sitting in your house because the outside world is scary and dangerous is not fun. Living your life based on hypotheticals and “what ifs” is also not fun.

      • keyboard troll Says:

        Look, this is not about the epic battle between those who go out and seize the day living life to its fullest versus those who cower in fear under their blankets at home. By all means, get your kicks by putting your own life at risk, be my guest. But doing so in a way that unreasonably puts others at risk, is irresponsible and stupid. And no, I don’t mean in that hyperbolic way in which just leaving your house incrementally increases your chances of getting hit by lightning. Plowing full speed past a red light into a busy intersection with no brakes, how can you defend that. Ride “aggressively,” fine, do skids and trackstands to your heart’s content, but don’t cause accidents. Is that okay?

      • Mike Says:

        “Hey old man, you can’t tell me what to do! Bro, I’m gonna chug this mountain dew and ride a half pipe backwards! I’m livin my life to the extreeeeeme!!”

  5. oh Says:

    eeeeeeh they’re just kids doin stupid shit eeeeh! pizza! who hasn’t done stupid shit? eeeeh! fuckin ravioli head.

  6. old school bmx Says:

    Sorry, I could watch just about any bmx freestyle video and get more pumped than watching dudes go really fast in traffic with colorful bags. But that’s just me.

    That being said, they are not afraid to die, and it was worth watching.

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