Love Pennies

Anyone else been seeing these little jammers everywhere? Has anybody actually gotten one back as change?

“Love pennies.” I usually hate pennies, but these seem okay.

[Photo by Dennis Kernohan]

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10 Comments on “Love Pennies”

  1. nlb Says:

    saw some on 16th near Delirium!

  2. CeeeLo Says:

    Every single one of you MissionMissioners have gotten my ass pennies back as change:

  3. c Says:

    He’s my roommate’s friend, met the dude and got a bunch of them!

  4. SCUM Says:


  5. Alex Says:

    I got one as change for a $3.99 purchase out of the automatic change machine at self-checkout at the Safeway at 4th & King.

    Only time I’ve kept a single penny returned as change.

  6. Thank You Miss/Miss for at least giving me credit
    For what its worth…

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