Real Women Skate

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Scooter Hero

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5 Comments on “Real Women Skate”

  1. alyssa Says:

    skating is hard. especially when you dont have an older brother/random dude who wants to put his penis in you, to teach you.

    • jane Says:

      lmao and even when you do … it’s still hard! i tried (and will continue to try every time i get 4loko’d out within 50 yards of a skateboard) but i think i’ll leave the shredding to spanky …ahh, spanky.

    • Vic Wong Says:

      Or, you can learn how the boys learn: just go out and do it every day (must also be a total loser)

    • chalkman Says:

      you shouldn’t let your older brother put his penis into you, even if he’ll teach you to skate…

  2. Sally Says:

    Extra points if it’s roller derby.

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