Let’s Not Lose Lost Weekend Video

In case you haven’t seen it yourself, Telstar Logistics today takes an in-depth look at Lost Weekend’s “Internet Killed the Video Store” window display:

Lost Weekend soldiers on, for now, but when we spoke to the store’s proprietors, they were candid: Times are tough, they said. As an indication of that, in the window of their shop they posted the lyrics to a sing-along remake of a familiar song about an earlier generation technological change, specially modified to suit today’s circumstances:

Read on for more pictures, a transcription of the full lyrics, some facts about Netflix and its effects on video stores, and some personal musings from Team Telstar.


The Death of Video Stores in the Mission

Neutral Unpretentious Places (Like Lost Weekend)

8 thoughts on “Let’s Not Lose Lost Weekend Video”

  1. Hey, you know what’s really killing Lost Weekend? Community Thrift selling video tapes for next-to-nothing.

    Just kidding, but to make a point. Video rental stores are the current equivalent of buggy-whip stores. They may have a colorful past, but they have no future (unless they can somehow re-invent themselves, like that used magazine store on Polk Street). I have cable TV, plus a year’s backlog of movies to watch on my DVR, plus Netflix AND Netflix instant view, plus Usenet downloads on my hard drive, and I haven’t even bothered to deal with torrents or anything else. And if I get really desperate, there are the physical vids and DVDs that I have actually bought and only watched once.

    Oh, and I have a full-time job and several hobbies. Good night, Lost Weekend.

  2. When it comes to renting movies, I much prefer going to a video store and browsing, finding something that looks good, and taking it home to watch right away. Or sometimes I get an itch for something in particular and can go and get it right away.

    I don’t like Netflix because usually by the time something shows up, I’ve lost interest or am not in the mood to see whatever it is, and it sits around for a month before I give up and send it back.

    Also, I don’t have cable (not much point since I don’t really watch TV). There are still a bunch of us out here for whom rental’s the way to go.

    I’d much rather keep renting from Lost Weekend than anywhere else. Love those guys and wish the store a long life!!

  3. Maybe they should try selling coffee too. Teaming up with Chicken John to help quash the competition might work as well. Oh, wait…

  4. besides being a killer video store, they also get some scene points for having an owner who played drums in Jawbreaker…just sayin’

  5. I haven’t rented movies from Lost Weekend in almost 2 years. I went regularly while hooked on Rome & The Wire. I stopped going when uploaders began sharing decent quality rips of The Wire’s 5th season.

    I canceled my GreenCine & Netflix subscriptions over a year ago, around the time that external hard drives plummeted in price and several companies began selling media player boxes.

    My home setup consists of an Asus O!Play, 3 external hard drives with a combined 4.5TB in storage, connected to my TV and home network. I have over 1000 movies, about 20 tv shows, and 1200 documentaries. Enough entertainment to get me through a nuclear winter.

    If I want to watch something rare or difficult to download, I’ll go to Lost Weekend. They have an excellent Criterion Collection section.

  6. This is a legit video store. I never rented anything there but I’m glad places like this existed for people before the internet really started crackin.

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