Superficially Debonair Gentlemen Prefer Tall Blondes

From Missed Connections:

Me=leaving Arizmendi, 930am, you=locking up bike – w4m (mission district)

I’ve never done this before, but what the heck. Today is Thursday, 11/11 in the AM. I was leaving Arizmendi’s on Valencia and passed you as you were locking up your bike. I’m the tall blonde girl. Now, sitting on the bus, I imagine the scenario where it’s not totally absurd for me to have approached you and asked for your number. Instead, I write a pathetic cyber post you probably won’t ever see. But if you do, and you remember this occasion–reply and lets get coffee. Maybe you’re as interesting as you are superficially debonair.

So, guys, if you were locking up your bike this morning, and looked pretty slick, have at it.

[Photo by Van Looy]

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3 Comments on “Superficially Debonair Gentlemen Prefer Tall Blondes”

  1. locking up bike ≠ debonair

  2. Jacobchills Says:

    That sounds like it may have been Andrew sarkarati….

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