Worst Spot for a Cut (That Doesn’t Rhyme With a Planet*)


I defy you to think of a more catastrophic location!  Before  you assume that I’m being a total wussy, why don’t you try to type with this messy business?  Don’t be surprised by a dearth of Y’s, N’s, and H’s in my posts for the next week or so.

*For all you astronomers out there, the planets in question are Venus and Uranus, obviously.

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8 Comments on “Worst Spot for a Cut (That Doesn’t Rhyme With a Planet*)”

  1. Obviousgrl Says:

    Get a nice big bandaid, and wrap it so that you have some structure to type on. Just my 2c.

  2. Fingertip bandages are your friend — they come in a box that also includes the even-more-useful knuckle bandages.

    As far as I know, there are no specialty bandages for cuts on places that rhyme with planets.

  3. bozo Says:

    U are a pu… oh my Gosh, I broke my nail!

  4. why Says:

    two more painful places = paper cuts on webbing between your fingers or under your nail…

  5. it hoits Says:

    Superglue. Really.

    I’d be more concerned about what horrible disease I picked up in Benders bathroom.

  6. ice cream man Says:

    what rhymes with uranus?

  7. I have a cut in the same exact spot on my left ring finger right now. It sucks.

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