Monta Ellis is Jewish?

Well, at least one of his tattoos is.  Put on your Where’s Waldo specs and see if your eagle eyes are up to the task.  Also, let’s put our yarmulkes together and think of a few appropriate Hanukkah gifts for the penultimate-worst NBA scorer.

[Photo of Tuesday’s Chron Sporting Green Cover]

Inner-Waldo failing you?  The Answer, after the jump . . .

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5 Comments on “Monta Ellis is Jewish?”

  1. brandi Says:

    It’s a reggae/rasta thing, methinks.

  2. Rich Says:

    Just FYI, it’s “yarmulke”, oh, and “tattoos”.

  3. eddie muenster Says:

    second “worst”?

    Right now, he’s second “best”

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