Graffiti Must Be One Expensive Hobby

That stuff ain’t cheap! Maybe we should all try a little harder to appreciate the monetary lengths graffiti artists go to to keep our streets looking rad.

[Photo by Petty Crimes]

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5 Comments on “Graffiti Must Be One Expensive Hobby”

  1. Melissa Maudite Says:

    You’d be kidding yourself thinking that most of them even pay for their paint. Ability to rack paint is, in itself, a status among many writers.

  2. Earsnot Says:


  3. MrEricSir Says:

    I’ve seen “Piece by Piece” on at least two occasions, and yet somehow I don’t seem to recall any scenes were the artists were paying for spray paint.

    I wonder why…

  4. marK Says:



  5. oh Says:

    if you pay for paint then you’re too rich to be doing graf and must stop at once.

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