Gnarly Tartine Line

You’d think Jawbreaker were back together and playing secret bakery shows or something.

Totally worth it for those buns and breads though, right?

[Photo by Z. Banks]

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19 Comments on “Gnarly Tartine Line”

  1. ooeygooey Says:


  2. Birnbaum Says:

    hell no.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Feck no

  4. Jules Says:

    Definitely not.

  5. Almostnative Says:

    not a chance. people stand in line there like a herd of cattle..plenty of other great cafes nearby.

  6. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

    UH. Not even a little.

  7. Tart Says:

    People! DO something with your gorgeous Sunday! Standing in line at Tartine for an hour for shitty-assed service, to sit at a table with someone’s crotch in your face just so you could say you ate at Tartine is effing pathetic.

    Their croissants are really good. But not that good.

    And stop parking in my driveway.

  8. Count Chocula Says:

    my cereal is cheaper and quicker.

  9. Regular Says:

    Every time I have croissant from Our Lady of Butter I can taste the butter for the rest of the day… Not worth it. Shitty service and product that has gone down hill over the years. Morning Buns are still pretty amazing though.

  10. redbearded Says:

    What??? Jawbreaker is getting back together?????

  11. BrownGlitter Says:

    You could find their recipes, bake, eat and poop what you ate all in less time than you would standing in that line.

    Ahh, Tartine on a Monday is glorious!

  12. SCUM Says:

    Stupid fucking people waiting in line for over priced and over rated crap.

  13. Tart Says:

    Just enough flour to hold the butter together.

  14. danielle Says:

    so.. the Jawbreaker part…..

  15. sfnola Says:

    Is the line worth it? No. But is it the best bakery in the city? Yes. By a mile.

  16. Birnbaum Says:

    Again, hell no!

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