T—- Tagger in Broad Daylight


Bold and brazen, she wasn’t fazed in the slightest by my photographic documentation of her criminal act.

Should I have stopped her?

UPDATE: Several of you have requested that I remove “Tubby” from the title, so in the interest of preventing a civil war on the server, I have acquiesced.  I’m not saying I agree with the morality police, and I’m probably still a jerk for posting it in the first place.  These facts remain despite the update.  I must say though that I don’t find it “hateful” (a very strong word) to call someone (who is spraying one of the ugliest tags I’ve ever seen–on my street no less)  “tubby” in a photograph where she can’t be identified (back to the camera).

Please continue to discuss in the comments; the ability of our readers to engage in rational discourse is my favorite part of this blog.

Author: Andrew Sarkarati

caution is the path to mediocrity. gliding, passionless mediocrity is all that most people think they can achieve.

113 thoughts on “T—- Tagger in Broad Daylight”

  1. This is a mean post. Don’t ruin someone’s game — fat girl or not. Not cool Mision Mission, not cool. I hope she sends you the bill if she get’s charged because you some jerk posted this on the blog for some giggles. I love your content usually, but this is in bad taste. You shouldn’t just out one, then you gotta out them all! Gordita o no gordita! This bitch has more balls than you to tag the shit out of a wall in broad daylight. Just face it bro..

    1. She’s a fucking vandal. Did we hurt her feelings? Do you know how hard it is to remove spray paint from brick? Her game? Fuck her. She’s destroying peoples property and making the city uglier and a fat ass. Just face it bro..

    2. Screw you guys. I am all for outing taggers. I have much respect for actual graffiti artists, but taggers are scum.

    3. Seriously cp? It takes balls to tag the shit out of a wall in broad daylight? Balls? OK cp, post your address and phone number up here and I will call you to let you know when I’m going to be tagging your house. How’s that for having balls? You’re a fucking d-bag.. bro.

      1. I liked the part where the anonymous d-bag criticized the other anonymous d-bag for being anonymous,

    4. @CP Actually a civilized society requires “snitches”; i.e. people who help the police enforce the law. I am sure if you were a victim of a crime you would want your fellow citizens to help apprehend the criminal. Attacking “snitches” shows junior high school level of emotional maturity — it really does.

      As for “ruining someone’s game”; that is just an idiotic turn of phrase. The person is just a vandal and the only thing that has been ruined is some one else’s building. This person is a loser who should get fined and should spend several hundred hours cleaning up graffiti vandalism. Sorry, but there really is no debating that.

      If you disagree with any of this, please let this blog know where your most valuable possessions are so that we can all come and deface them. If you are not willing to do that, then you are clearly one of those people who have one set of rules for themselves and another set for everybody else.

      1. “you are clearly one of those people who have one set of rules for themselves and another set for everybody else.”

        You mean like telling people to “let this blog know where your most valuable possessions are” while hiding behind a stupid fake name?

  2. maybe it is her house.

    tubby and FFFFat are not okay in my book unless you call yourself that in pride, or it is in solidarity. kinda like tagging, I suppose!

  3. I don’t mind you outing someone for breaking the law, but why the need to label her Tubby? That’s kind of fucked up. I agree, fatty and tubby are only okay if you are a fat person saying it in solidarity in a positive way. Why is it okay to be so hateful to fat people?

  4. i’m not even sure this qualifies as a tag. it just looks like she’s venting (ineffectively) on brick. with spray paint. huh. and yes, she’s fat. i bet she’s aware of that.

  5. When did this blog turn into Gentrification Gentrification?

    What happened to the alt-angle as opposed to the crime and punishment angle?

  6. graffiti came from vandalism you fuckin tools. there wouldnt be one without the other, so when you say stupid shit like “i love graffiti art but not tagging,” just remember that it all comes from a tag.
    and fuck this fat bitch, her shit’s toy

    1. Bullshit, you moron. Crack a book and learn some history, then come back and we can have a discussion about the relative merits of tagging vs. graffiti.

      1. Tagging is the essence of graffiti. What you call “grafiti” is probably either a legal aerosol production or a “mural”. Tagging is grafiti in it’s purest form: offensive, often unreadable by the dilletante (you), ILLEGAL, and written for other writers, not for you to judge. Don’t speak on it – your ‘book’ knowledge is just that, paper tiger.

      2. It doesn’t matter how you spell it, but you are, quite simply, wrong. Well, at least by the commonly accepted/historical definition. If you’ve got your own definition, that’s fine I guess, but you can’t expect other people to magically go by whatever weird definition you’ve decided upon.

      3. crack a book? get fucked yuppy. what a stupid thing to say. jesus christ im almost emberrassed to be replying. go on and tell my bushopping homies to crack a book, just try it.

      4. Ok.

        Dear Internet Message-Board ToughGuy’s “bushopping homies,”

        You are embarrassingly ignorant. Read a fucking book and learn some history before you go pretending you know all about something you don’t.

        Love and Cookies,

        Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable

      5. please bestow your knowledge upon me yuppy, what book should i read that will enlighten me about the world of sacred graffiti.

      6. Sooooo… Are you actually arguing that graffiti of today is somehow uniquely separate from the rest of human history? Context is everything, son.

        I seriously doubt you’re going to actually go out and read a book about this, but since you asked so sweetly, here is a brand new one edited by one of my ex-profs:

        However, as I said, I fully recognize that you aren’t going to go and actually read a book about something that you are so convinced you know everything about. Maybe this’ll be more your speed:

        So, y’know. Educate yourself, or don’t. Not really my problem either way. But if not, don’t get your panties all in a bunch when someone points out that you’re ignorant.

      7. you know who else thinks anything in a book must be true?


        man herr doktor, your a fucking looser

      8. …you know who else thinks that things in books must be false?

        Actually, I’m not really sure. Someone really, really dumb and/or crazy. Ooh, I know, Pol Pot!


  7. OK – OK! So referring to a clearly corpulent tagger as “tubby” is offensive; especially if the offended reader can raid her closet and wear the same rags.
    So, refer to her as an embonpoint tagger. There, you see; doesn’t that sound special?

  8. If I caught that fat ass doing that to my place I have my gf kick the shit out of her. PS, my gf is not fat, she is just big boned.

  9. I can’t believe people are more upset about her being called ‘tubby’ than her act of vandalism. Fuck that fat bitch! Oh, and fuck all of you politically correct douches as well!

      1. @Jim: umm anyone who uses the term fascist is the one being politically correct (just like being a supporter of graffiti vandalism ).

  10. Ten years ago Ammiano got “weight” added to the City’s antidiscrimination laws. Mission Mission wouldn’t print a racist or sexist headline would it? So why a “size-ist” headline?
    Expect to hear from the SF Human Rights Commission very soon. And maybe you should get a lawyer.

      1. Lol, so true. There’s no legal discrimination in pointing out her weight. (Even if it’s a protected class)

      2. a slur is a slur… racial, ethnic or size-ist (able-ist, too. Seems to me you might be the kind to make fun of people with different abilities, too).

        just check yourself, we live in a PC city and while tagging is illegal, name calling (in public forum) is just plain immature. and *possibly* something to be cited for.

    1. Sorry. It’s not against the law to call someone fat. Or any racial or sexist slur. It’s the first amendment. Go ahead. Do a search on Mission Mission for slut, bitch, whore. Do a google search for hundreds of others. We can say what we want. And the SF Human Rights Commission can eat a bag of balls with a dick spoon.

      1. This person is correct. And this part made me laugh and snort in public: “And the SF Human Rights Commission can eat a bag of balls with a dick spoon.”

  11. Jeez I didn’t know I would ruffle so many feathers by calling out this sudden “upholding of the law.” I just feel like it’s really shitty to rat someone out and insult them. Nobody likes a snitch. I SERIOUSLY doubt that you would you have snitched on her if she were rough and tough looking dude, with the impression that she had peeps that could fuck you up for being a snitch. I think you took advantage of the fact that she’s a big white girl for some cheap laughs. Just sayin’… Go ahead and revel in your snitch fest. Hopefully this blog doesn’t turn into a fucking snitchathon and this stops here.

    1. I forgot to add that I expected a lot more from a blog who uses tags as a constant source of content. You can’t out taggers on your blog dude! It’s a slippery slope. If the fluff had it their way, they would arrest the whole lot of them. I do really love you Mission Mission. This just really pissed me off. (In case you couldn’t tell…)

    2. here’s the thing, dude. no one ratted her out. you can’t tell who she is from the picture because her back is to the camera. she was doing this in broad daylight on a sunday afternoon, so she obviously didn’t care if anyone saw her. and her tag was ugly as hell.

    3. Are you kidding? I’ve called out the hordes of tagging urchins on the back of the 14 before, and I’m sure I’ll do it again.

    4. @CP: umm, sorry you are the one who is a hypocrite. Try not to change the subject by claiming others are. Your hypothetical just proves why the world needs snitches, not the other way around.

    5. your stupid, that fat bitch has retarded hands and thats why shes getting called out, if she was a slutty 20 year old on a moped, she’d still get called outs. shits week

      fuck stupid people, i bet if that was a video of her spray painting that wall, and then getting hit by a bus all smashed up between it, ripped in two, you would be too much of a coward to laugh at it.

      stop being a coward, coward.

  12. First off – you don’t TAG BRICK!
    2ND- She’s fat, so call it as it is.
    BBW, Tubby, Fatazz whatever.
    Tagging brick is lame, hope he SFPD lock her ass up, maybe she’ll lose some weight at the same time….boyee

  13. Guess what guys. A right handed tagger already finished the tag. This lady is holding spray paint cleaner and about to clean this tag off the building. Or more so just scrub it. Come on, think about it. Why would she be on the side of the tag already already finished. What is she gonna spray it again over the same tag. you caught no one, but some lady that wants to clean up her building. And yeah it is kind of a bummer to rat her out so harshly if it actually was her. Graffiti’s graffiti. Hate on taggers and you hate on the whole culture that started with the tagger.

    1. Ok, first of all, if you read the original post, she was spotted and photographed MID-TAG. Your CSI goofiness is sort of obviated by that fact.

      Also, the whole “graffiti=graffiti=graffiti” argument is a bunch of bullshit. If you want to peddle that line of close-mindedness, take it to the sfgate message boards, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of right-wingers who agree with you.

      I, on the other hand, recognize that there is a significant difference between actual graffiti artists and tagger scum.

      1. All REAL ‘Graffiti Artist’s were ‘tagger scum’ at one point and some of the very best still are (Twist for example). You can’t be a ‘Graffiti Artist’ without paying dues & putting time in tagging, Herr Douchebag. I realize you’re just a kid from a small town transplanted to the Mission trying to bump your gums about something you don’t understand. Ignorant people can learn – try it.

      2. First of all, not sure where you get the idea that all actual graffiti artists were once taggers. That seems like a fairly dubious claim. And then to go on and argue that actual graffiti artists MUST have been taggers at some point is nothing short of absurd.

        If you want to argue that some graffiti artists are former taggers, that’s fine. But by trying to universalize your argument you only diminish your credibility.

      3. …and I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that you’re just another lameass tagger, lacking the talent to be a real graffiti artist, and all sad and offended to not be taken seriously as anything more than an omega wolf, endlessly spraying piss all over the place in a pathetic attempt to mark off some imagined territory or reputation. *yawn*

      4. Grafitti is graffiti. Sorry those who support vandalism are the mindless ones. Either you respect other people in society or you don’t. Graffiti vandals (no matter what they are spraying) are just self-centered jerks who don’t care about the rest of society. Your high-minded distinctions don’t stand up to scrutiny.

      5. sfdoggy: That’s absurd. The real world doesn’t operate in that kind of black/white binary. Pretty much everything is shades of grey. To claim otherwise displays a woeful lack of intellectual and ethical discretion.

        Graffiti, be it in the form of art or in the form of tagging, is subjective. I could care less whether it is on the property of someone else. That quite simply does not enter into the right/wrong equation for me. For me it is a question of aesthetics and meaning. The difference between art and, as I said before, a cur pissing everywhere it can get away with in a sad attempt to claim some territory and respect.

      6. Three things best describe Dan Plasma: lo mismo – lo mismo – lo mismo.
        The new king of urban blight who is even nudging JAST out of the way for king of obnoxious.

    1. …Because your magical all-seeing crystal-ball of I-know-better-than-someone-who-was-actually-there says so? Please.

  14. Why are people not more upset by tagging?!? Aside from the fact that this tag is particularly tasteless and ugly, tagging is generally childish and offensive. Tagging damages the homes and neighborhood of people. Many of us love our homes and our neighborhood and it is offensive to see people show such blatant disregard and disrespect for the Mission and someone’s home. Sad.

    1. It’s so funny reading people critique the “ugliness” of a tag…they do it to make you sad you tried to live here. Just like you’ll never change that douchebag you married, you’ll never stop his illegitimate ghetto children that you don’t even know about from expressing their anger at everything. It’s already a felony, are you going to go Taliban on them? Really now.

  15. In Norway they burn wooden Medieval churches…what do you have to complain about? A tiny bit of impermanent pigment on a wall? You bitches are bitchmade hoes and that chick is pretty sav if that pics even real. Stay up
    Tubby1! You can be in my crew.

  16. was she writing backwards? otherwise it makes no sense why her hand would be in the middle of the first letter…. unless she is spraying remover on the tag. I would like clarification on if you actually saw black paint coming out of the can. this post is being reblogged everywhere and I hate to think of some innocent being raked over the coals.

  17. Painting someone’s home sucks, but as an advocate of graffiti, you can say some of the best known artists today started off as toys. It’s the beginning of the evolution, the movement, the only way to find out though is threw progression. Lets see where she’s at in a 10 years. Will she have become a clean bomber? artist with can control?? i.e. burners or just simply stay as a toy. If she stays a toy, she must have quit.

  18. She’s probably just painting over the shit that was there.. that chick doesnt even know how to hold the can.

    I see people “tracing” graffiti with the same color aerosol as the wall.. as though it covers up what was there before. Which is even worse than a “block graffiti” cover…


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