Food at St. Luke’s Actually Not Very Good?

A couple months back, we reported that the food at St. Luke’s was pretty good. Today, a current St. Luke’s patient wrote in to protest:

I’ve been a patient at st. lukes hospital since 11/12/10….My food I have been donating to the homeless, that I am able to spot from the 10th floor @ Cesar Chavez. They have even turned it down. I’m sure that folks from third world countries donations are better off than we are. So If you happen to bring a relative to this hospital, make sure that you bring them food from home, that way you’ll know they will survive.

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2 Comments on “Food at St. Luke’s Actually Not Very Good?”

  1. joshua Says:

    I mean nothing beats home cooking but sometimes you’re broke and you want to spend your last two bucks on parfait.

  2. Jeff Says:

    I just spent two nights at at St Luke’s in the last month for a new baby and the food was pretty good. My wife and I were joking we should walk over more to get some good cheap dinners.

    The breakfasts were really good (pretty standard fair…eggs, potatoes, toast, etc…)

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