FDA to Ban Four Loko Nationwide

Gawker has all the bad news (and a nice haiku) right here.

So what’s the plan? Hoard case after case? Start an underground Four Loko club? A medical Four Loko dispensary? What do we do?

[Photo via stemuzz]

UPDATE: [Photo by Andrew Durso] [Thanks, Alex F!]

14 thoughts on “FDA to Ban Four Loko Nationwide”

  1. “After a slice of pizza and some water Ortiz said he felt ‘much better'”.

    Not the smartest follow-up to an anti-drinking campaign. I can hear everyone now: Drink all you want, puke, and get some pizza and water. You’ll be golden!”

  2. Never had a problem with it. A bit sweet but a nice alternative to redbull mix drinks. I think it can be reduced into a nice vinaigrette for salad as well. Once again American culture consigned to history. I’ll buy some for my cellar.

  3. Jeepers, what year is it? In 1985, the kids in rural Austria would pour a Red Bull into a beer, do a shot of vodka, and chase it with the beer/Bull mix.

    1985. A quarter century ago.

    Are you people trying to do some sort of weird hipster retro thing here? PBR must be an homage to 1986’s Blue Velvet, I guess. Fuck — the eighties are still back.

    I hated the eighties.

    1. No-attribution photo blogs are like the tagging of the online world. Most of them are bad or boring. People get bent out of shape about them, because personal property, etc. But some are really good, and the best are high art.

      I mean, Rad Dudes for goodness sake:

      Summer Is Rad for that matter:

      Leslie Miles (!!):

      And everything listed here:

  4. Eww!! That Pic Is “Narrrsty”.. FUCK THA FDA!!!!!!!! That Bitch Should Just Quit Drinkin’ After That Stupid Drunk Shit.. L0k0’z Are The Best Drink Since 4Maxxed,, Sparkzz,, Tiltz.. They Beat All Them With A Nation//World Vote.. That’z What They Should Have aNation Wide Vote By The People For The People About Keeping L0k0’z Legal.. “LightWeightz” Just Don’t Know How To Handle Them At All.. “”Caution::L0k0’z Aren’t For Tha Weak Stomach Nor Is It For Tha LightWeightz 0r Tha “Snakey People”!!!!”” Can You Say “”BUZZKiLLz!!!”” Ima L0k0 Drinker Nd This Shit Is Some Bullshit.. Fuckin’ Peevez..

  5. 0hh Yeah Nd What Part 0f “”DRiNK RESP0NSiBLY”” Don’t Ya’ll Understand??? You Think It’s An Understatement??? —>>Not For Tha Weak Hearted.. Nd Don’t Get All Mega Butt-Hurt Bitchez!!!!! hAhAhA

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