Back to the Furture

Officially, they say they’re remodeling or for sale or whatever, but they can’t fool us.  We’re on to the fact that this building is obviously ground zero HQ for the worldwide Furry takeover movement.  We must act now while there is still time, or else.


Cyclocross Race or Lost Furry?

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4 Comments on “Back to the Furture”

  1. ooeygooey Says:

    That used to be a really cool antique/used store. It was stuffed full, the kind of place that seemed dangerous to poke around in. I think there was a fire, and it closed maybe 10 years ago.

  2. Jenee G Says:

    yep, ooeygooey, you gots it right … however the whole “fire” was staged so they could move into the underground Furry business of the Furture …

  3. kiya Says:

    That building is owned by the same family that owns the entire building to the right of it, they also own the monthly stay hotel in the green building, Pizzeria, and the buffalo wing spot.
    I tried to rent out the building that you just posted about two years ago and they weren’t interested, no idea why it even has a “for rent” sign up.

  4. That sure looks like a picture of me from about 30 years ago.

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