Cheese Saves the Day . . . Always

Have you ever experienced jury duty in San Francisco?  Sarah from Mission Cheese tried it out last week and barely came away with her sanity intact:

Tuesday, as the visions of lollipops & rainbows fade into the distance, I walk through 4 consecutive blocks of puke-scented sidewalk (really, how can it last for that many blocks?!?) to arrive at the San Francisco Hall of Justice at 850 Bryant, to wait . . . Hours later I fill out an 8 page questionnaire & am told to return the following day at 10 am.

[On Wednesday] We are called back into the courtroom for yet another roll-call, and another 15 jurors are excused by the council. (ahhhhhhh!) Then, get this, we are told that due to some legal matters that have arisen, we are going to have to come back on Monday at 9 am to START the jury selection process.

See how this Larry David-esque legal drama unfolds (and how it threatened the future of Valencia’s first boutique cheese shop) here.

BTW, who else can’t wait for Mission Cheese to finally open?

[Photo by Refracted Moments]

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8 Comments on “Cheese Saves the Day . . . Always”

  1. Jake Says:

    I am salaried and hate my job, so the idea of getting three or four days of waiting around 850 Bryant while reading some mystery novels sounds fucking GREAT. Have jury duty later this month, so fingers crossed!

    • melissa Says:

      Yeah, I don’t get why people complain about it. There’s even wi-fi..I’ve seen plenty of people working away while waiting.

      Of course, if you have a job where you get paid by the hour and no paid jury duty time, I can see how it’d be a hardship.

      The last time I got a jury summons, I actually had to sit on a jury. That was a couple of years ago and I haven’t been summoned since. I wonder if serving means you get a break for a while? (It was a hung jury because some hippie dude insisted the cop could’ve planted that rock on the dude in the Tenderloin. We all hated him.)

  2. Jeff Thomas Says:

    FYI – If you sign up and work as an election pollworker, you will not be called in for jury duty. I think one long volunteer day is worth it to avoid the unknown time commitment of jury duty.

  3. thetens Says:

    I think she should open a whine shop instead.

  4. My experience was totally different. Patiently explained to the authorities, 10+ years ago, the problems of a graveyard shift worker forced to deal with staying awake in the daytime on short notice. Emphasized the likelihood of my falling asleep during the proceedings. Not significantly bothered since.

  5. oliver Says:

    did someone put rooster sauce on that piece of cheese?

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