Does Anybody Love Mitchell’s Anymore?

These guys do:

But sometimes it seems like all anybody talks about anymore are those other ice cream places. Whereas five years ago Mitchell’s was the place to be. It’s still awesome, right?

[Photo by leejay] [via grilledcheese]

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32 Comments on “Does Anybody Love Mitchell’s Anymore?”

  1. tacotron Says:

    I’m down with mitchell’s. The line for Bi-rite ice cream is never worth it to me.

  2. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

    I’m with tacotron. Mitchell’s is excellent, excellent ice cream, at least as good as, or better than, Bi-Rite or Humphrey Slocombe. And the relatively small lines make it far more attractive, as far as I am concerned.

    • Ryan Says:

      You know it’s bad when folks think Mitchell’s has “relatively small lines”. I live a block away and that place is always packed.

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

        Yeah, tell me about it. Hence the “relatively”.

        Either way, I tend to go to Maggie Mudd’s on Cortland these days, since it pretty much never has a line. Good ice cream, but not nearly the selection of the others.

  3. thesoniashow Says:

    Up until a few days ago, my husband had never been to Mitchell’s. Every time we went by the shop, there was a crazy crowd.

    Last week, we happened to be passing by and there wasn’t a soul in there. Even though it was cold outside, we got some ice cream and sat outside on their bench. I got a scoop of the cinnamon snap and a scoop of pumpkin. Mitchell’s is still awesome.

  4. King Hater Says:

    Transplant spotted!

  5. jen Says:

    Are you kidding me??! Puh-leeze…this place is divine. Creative and sublime flavors and the staff behind the counters are too, too sweet. I actually saw a grown man grinning and skipping like a five year old when he got his double-scoop cone (with his embarrassed wife shaking her head).

  6. justin case Says:

    I prefer screaming mimi’s

  7. i ride bikes Says:

    Kickass ice cream and prices that are about 1/3 of the other places. Mitchell’s is still bomb! Haters hate.

  8. candlestickkid Says:

    Mitchell sucks, don’t go. Don’t bother to wait in line. it’s not really cool anymore. Nor is it very artful or aesthetically hip. You shouldn’t bother to pick a number and lengthen the line or wait time. Go somewhere else that is more expensive.

  9. aaron alvin Says:

    Mitchells will still be thriving when flavors like wasabi infused burnt sage are no longer in style.

  10. hunh Says:

    Going anywhere but Mitchell’s is pointless. They are hands-down the best – not some fad.

  11. I scream Says:

    Aaron Alvin, but have you tried the ashtray ice cream at Splarvey Jonkem’s yet? It’s almost as good as their salty booger!

    Halo halo macapuno combo ftw.

  12. Goldilocks Says:

    Mitchell’s is, was and will always be the best maker of ice cream on the planet. no contest – I do wish they’d bring back the thai tea though.

  13. Jay Says:

    Just to continue the love, the ice cream cakes from here are incredible. Give’em a day and they’ll put Ube or any of their flavors in the cake. My God, I’m going to get some right now!

  14. mushmouth Says:

    I love mitchells, especially when they have twins doing their nasty gal thing.

  15. Jess Says:

    Mitchell’s is tops for me. The ice cream is quality, the prices are reasonable, and they have a good selection of flavors without resorting to gimmicks.

    Always a reliable standby.

  16. heh Says:

    I live in the Mission, but I’ve never been to Bi-Rite.

    Loyal customer of Mitchell’s, Copa Loca, & Swensen’s in Russian Hill. St. Francis is ok. Humphrey Slocombe is eh.

    I always take visiting relatives to Mitchell’s or Swensen’s.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

      St. Francis serves Mitchell’s now, has for years, since they were bought by the Boogaloo’s guy. But I used to love their own Ice cream when they made it themselves. ESPECIALLY the lemon frozen custard… man do I miss that.

      • heh Says:

        Last time I went was when they made their own stuff. Didn’t know the Bugaloos guy bought the business.

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

        Yeah, and they don’t make their own candy anymore either. Which is too bad, but if that guy hadn’t bought them, it was going to go completely out of business and there’d probably be a starbucks or something in that space, now.

        So, yeah, it’s sad that they don’t make their own candy + Ice Cream any more, but on the bright side at least the St. Francis Fountain is still THERE.

    • jane Says:

      so glad to finally see some swensen’s love, that place is super underrated and totally rules.

      but you guys should also go check out polly ann’s on 38th & noriega. yeah it’s a haul out to the sunset but you get to spin a giant wheel to pick what flavor you get.

  17. Cristina Says:

    Important: during the holidays, Mitchell’s sells their own egg nog.

    • heh Says:

      Thanks for the tip. Also, Swensen’s has special flavors for the holidays – Rum Raisin, Spumoni, Eggnog, and I forget the other one. Rum Raisin is off the hook!

  18. Kerry Says:

    Mitchell’s is way better than these new places. It’s just not as trendy anymore. I really don’t like salted caramel!

  19. josefina Says:

    Mitchell’s is the bomb. And there’s that little park with the pony a block north to eat your ice cream in.

  20. Eyad Says:

    Mitchell’s is for real San Franciscans. Bi-Rite is for Midwesterners who moved here after college.

    • salsaman Says:

      Stereotype much?!

      Hey it’s all tasty, and there’s plenty of room for lots of ice cream, especially since Mitchell’s, Bi-Rite, and HS are so different.

      Mr. And Mrs. Miscellaneous is worth a try (or five) as well; too bad their hours are so limited.

      Also, a moment of silence for Bombay Bazaar… gone… :(

  21. waldo Says:

    Mitchell’s is Ice Cream 2.0.

    Similarly to coffee, if your only knowledge base was reading blogs, you’d think absolutely no one drank Cofee 2.0 any more. But Peet’s is doing just fine. Hell, Coffee and Ice Cream 1.0 (Folger’s, Dryer’s) are still making money.

    Me, I like ice cream 2.0 and 3.0 equally. (Which is convenient living about exactly midway betw HS and MItchell’s.) But I confess I stalled out at coffee 2.0. Ritual and 4barrel taste like puke to me half the time.

    [old school shout-out to Spinelli! Now that was coffee.]

  22. manymachines Says:

    It’s pumpkin sundae season!

  23. redbearded Says:

    I have a very special place in my heart for Mitchell’s. They really shouldn’t be compared to those “other” places. Mitchell’s is a thing of it’s own.

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