In Wake of Four Loko Ruling, Will Irish Coffees Be Next?

It’s only fair, right?

I mean, maybe not. Government watchdog Generic took a tasty look yesterday at San Francisco’s City Attorney Dennis Herrera’s stand on the FDA’s bummer ruling. It concludes with:

Denny, you come for my Irish Coffees and I won’t rest until you’re run out of town.

But you should read the whole thing.

[Photo by tayzenberg]

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6 Comments on “In Wake of Four Loko Ruling, Will Irish Coffees Be Next?”

  1. Dwight Supremacy Says:

    Oh, that would super suck! Just about every time I come to SF I do the touristy Buena Vista Cafe Irish coffee thing! But I guess I’ve neglected finding a place in the Mission (where I usually crash during my visits) with good Irish coffee. Any suggestions?

  2. Jake W Says:

    Hold on now, when we hear hoofbeats, let’s not think zebras. The next in line will clearly be Jagerbombs and Redbull Vodka drinks. Granted, only DNA Lounge and the State of New Jersey will really be upset.

  3. joshua Says:

    whatever, four lokos are shitty drinks but they’re still 100x better than irish coffees.

  4. Jay Says:

    I think I’ll stick with cocaine and whiskey…that’s not illegal is it?

  5. hoboking Says:

    I had four Irish Coffees last night, bad decisions were made. Now I’m sleepy, can’t find my tie clip and I read the entire NY Times Arts section – my life is a shambles. Let my spiral of self destruction be a lesson for the children.

    Please think of the Children, all the children who regularly order Irish Coffee that is.

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