Nazi Knives For Sale

At some store near 7th and Market. Here in San Francisco. In 2010. Just so you know.

[Photo and reporting by -…]

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9 Comments on “Nazi Knives For Sale”

  1. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

    Guh. Ain’t America grand?

  2. Andrew Sarkarati Says:

    is this at kaplan’s? i hope not! love that store–best place to get your last jacket ever for only $15!

  3. I can’t imagine it being Kaplan’s. Kaplan is a Jewish name and I’m pretty sure Mr. Kaplan still runs the place.

  4. John Simpson Says:

    Why not name the place? No need to play games.

  5. AttF Says:

    I don’t dig Nazis, grew up back East around too many skins (Nordic Thunder anyone?), and spend my nights with a sweet Jewish lady, but don’t think this is much different than all of the Red Army/Mao t-shirts that I see around SF. One oppressive totalitarian regime vs another.

  6. benson Says:

    what is the name of this place? i need a new butterfly knife.

  7. clint Says:

    hell ya its cool as fuck hail hitler

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