German Graffiti Crew Completely Redecorates Stalled Commuter Train in Mere Minutes

This is way better than that dumb Arcade Fire video everybody is telling you to watch today.

[via High On Gold]

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18 Comments on “German Graffiti Crew Completely Redecorates Stalled Commuter Train in Mere Minutes”

  1. Lanny Sparks Says:

    What the fuck? A bunch of dudes who think they’re terrorists or something screw up everyone’s commute to slather a vague bunch of blobs on a train that must now be pulled out of service and cost loads of tax money to repair?

    I have no problem with interesting street art, but these guys are a bunch of punks.

  2. Lanny Sparks Says:

    I should add, these dickheads probably scared the shit out of the people on board. They probably though they were getting robbed.

    • Lqm Says:

      Oh noes!
      Maybe somebody got scared even though they were in absolutely no danger.
      Then again, maybe they aren’t crybag oussies like yourself.

      • Dr. Sultana Says:

        How old are you you? 12? I hope you try a stunt like that and get the crap beaten out of you some day.

  3. hmmm Says:

    A bunch of douche bags with no artistic talent.

  4. Eon Says:


  5. SimonSays Says:

    Seriously lame.

  6. NIMBY Says:

    Ok… at least the tubby tagger had the balls to not cover her face.

    So do these dumb fucks talk about this shit days later? Do they go home and sit in front of the t.v. waiting to here about what they did on the news?

    Anybody can stop a train and do this shit.

    I wonder if those hepcats at Benny Gold get all hard watching this.

  7. Macho Energy Police Says:

    Why don’t you e-whiners go start a new blog called We Hate Graffiti Posts on Mission Mission. It’s sad so many of this blog’s readers are narrow-minded boring old Nimbys-cops who should be reading Marina Marina or Noe Noe.

    • Dr. Sultana Says:

      Yeah, it’s really “open minded” to trash a train. How would you feel if your mom was on that train freaking out?

  8. Drew Says:

    Funny and vaguely impressive, but the end result looks like crap. So, fail.

  9. amazing Says:

    Inspirational. Love it.

  10. hlow Says:

    its all ok, if they get to pay for all damage done.
    otherwise i hope they rott in jail and get buttloved there

  11. hlow Says:

    cowardly covered faces!
    do that again without mask, and take responsibility for your act! then feel like a hero, not like this… lame and miserable act!

  12. shane Says:

    you never lived.

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