Fridge Kat

Our pal -… has been on top of everything important lately. First the Nazi knives, now this.

Now can someone please paint us a mural based on this cute kitty? Divisadero Street should not get to have all the fun.

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3 Comments on “Fridge Kat”

  1. Andrew Sarkarati Says:

    does sriracha need to be stored in the fridge? the authorities seem to disagree on this important matter.

    • The authority I listen to, all the Latino dudes who eat lunch at my job, say, “no way”. That stuff sits out on the break room table for weeks without detectable change, and small wonder — it’s acidic enough to kill any bacteria at 10 paces. Maybe if you vacuum-packed it you’d have to worry about botulism, but otherwise, I think it’s as safe to leave out as a bottle of vinegar.

  2. J Says:

    no more cats
    (bah hum bug)

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