Hot Dog Vendors Stepping It Up

Attempting to create some separation in the lucrative bacon-wrapped hot dog industry, this aspiring vendor has put together a very classy setup for his customers.  You’ve really got to hand to him for trying.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure that gaudy banners and shade umbrellas (at night) are as important as merely occupying the spot outside Beauty Bar at 2am.


Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs at Street Food Fest

Jar of Hot Dogs

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2 Comments on “Hot Dog Vendors Stepping It Up”

  1. lalita Says:

    they are the only hot dog bacon wrapped sausage on mission street with a permit to sell thanks to La Cocina. all the rest get fined and moved by the police.
    so yeah, good for them stepping up the business!
    bacon wrapped hot dogs are delish

  2. From the pic it looks like he is at least legal. That’s the problem in L.A. Too many vendors without a permit and it makes it tough for us who are legal. Bacon wrap dogs are the bomb!

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