Tartine Bread Is Getting Its Own Storefront

The Feast breaks the news:

What was recently a Japanese luggage store adjacent to Bar Tartine will soon transform into a bake shop devoted to bread. Tartine’s loaves, fresh out of the oven daily at 5 P.M., already have a cult following and they’ll soon be way more available. “This is the first time I’m designing a bake shop and want to have the perfect little bread atelier,” explains Chad Robertson, who owns the Tartine empire with wife Elisabeth Prueitt. “It’s going to be a simple, elemental shop in an urban setting.”

Read on.

So we can get breads and other treats to go without waiting in one of those soul-crushing lines at Tartine #1? Or will this place just draw huge crowds too?

[via Eater SF]

[Photo by Shelley P.]


Why Can’t All Bread Be Tartine Bread

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14 Comments on “Tartine Bread Is Getting Its Own Storefront”

  1. Adam Gutterman Says:

    I hope they have bread slicing service as well! I love their bread, but it takes 15 minutes and tons of crumbs to slice one of those massive loaves.

    • chico Says:

      Really man, you can’t slice you own bread? Foodies…jeez.

    • Ryan Says:

      I’ve bought countless loaves of Tartine bread and have never once sliced it. I prefer the “grab large hunks and devour” method.

      • Adam Gutterman Says:

        Seriously “chico”, you’ve clearly never tried to slice one of those. They are a giant pain in the ass. Try making pop-up-toaster-sized slices. Not as easy as it looks.

        Ryan, I feel you on the grab large hunks and devour method. The wife calls in the “chunkle” method.

      • chico Says:

        Believe me when I say I know how to handle a knife. You feel me, foodie?

      • Adam Gutterman Says:

        Really, “chico”, you’re threatening me? Over a fucking conversation over a fucking loaf of bread? You, my friend, need to move to Oakland with the rest of the ingrates. And stop playing Call of Duty. You are NOT a soldier.

      • chico Says:

        Woah, simmer down “Gutterman”, just messing around is all. Funny to see you out yourself with the term “ingrates” though!

  2. tack Says:

    I was sad to see the pet store on 18th and Valencia go away. Doubtless it will turn into some bag of bridge and tunnel yuppie douche that doesn’t serve the needs of our community.

    So this is good news to me. The luggage store for people who can afford to travel in style gets replaced with a bakery that will doubtless sell bread that is more nutritious that what you can buy at the local stores.

    Sure, it’ll be spendier, but food with nutrients costs more than GM corn poop.

    • That pet store at 18th & Valencia was a useless, mismanaged, underfunded craphole, and anything that replaces it will be an improvement. It was neighborhood for me, yet I was forced to go to Petco (ugh) because they could not manage to stock basic bird supplies at any price. Shed no tears for that particular small business.

      • Snake Plissken Says:

        I agree with Cranky Old Mission Guy. That place was a dive. I wouldn’t treat my dog so badly as to shop for him there.

    • Mike Says:

      As much as I hate to say it, the community wants another expensive yuppie restaurant, coffeehouse, or store that sells turn of the century items at 20 times their value outside of the city. People got their pet food cheaper elsewhere, so that pet store couldn’t compete and had to leave. One of the aforementioned businesses will move in and do a better job in what the neighborhood has become. That’s capitalism, gentrification, whatever you call it, but that’s reality.

  3. chalkman Says:

    the real question is will they bake bread at night, LIKE EVERY OTHER BAKERY IN THE WORLD, so people can actually buy it at a reasonable time? My guess is no….

  4. kiya Says:

    While i love Chad and Tartine and everything they make for my mouthhole i am saddened to see the Hideo Wakamatsu store go. They had great products and were there for years bringing something a bit different to the retail landscape of the Mission district.
    I’m just afraid that in five years there will be nothing but food to buy in the Mission.

  5. 2fly Says:

    noooooo I bought my awesome little red suitcase from Hideo Wakamatsu a few years ago and it was the best purchase I’ve made in a while. Sad to see the store go. When you add up all the fancy food & coffee that people buy in the mission, it would equal a cute, practical carry-on suitcase in no time.

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