Why Are Girls Rad?

Sexpigeon knows:

Girls are rad because they think about things like…

Read on.

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6 Comments on “Why Are Girls Rad?”

  1. Bob Dole Says:

    Faux Pas hippy about to attend classes at UC Hastings?

  2. hmm Says:

    Trying to make up for that last shitty misogynist post?

  3. hmm Says:

    10/29 “Women”

  4. Betches Says:

    Should be titled: “Why a lot of girls are really fucking banal and repetitive”

    • Matt Says:

      I know. Jesus Christ. Why can’t they try to be some unique fashion superhero every time they go out? Though I wonder if people laugh at you when you go out wearing your furry costumes, or whatever it is you wear to exert your independence.

  5. Haggie Says:

    In the Tenderloin, in that outfit, my guess is TRANNY HOOKER!

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