Restaurant and Upstairs Neighbors Hate Each Other, Duke It Out With Signage

I guess those dudes upstairs hated Schmidt’s from the beginning, and have had their sign up for a while. Mission Local wrote about the drama over the summer (it’s a good read), and now Schmidt’s has the article posted in their window:

Would a BAD NEIGHBORS sign keep you from going to a restaurant you liked? I dunno. Beretta could shit on their upstairs neighbors’ doorstep on a regular basis and I’d still be there later enjoying my margherita with burrata, squid ink risotto, both bruschettas and an Improved Whiskey or two.

[All photography by We Built This City]

18 thoughts on “Restaurant and Upstairs Neighbors Hate Each Other, Duke It Out With Signage”

  1. Beretta could shit on their neighbors’ doorstep and I still wouldn’t set foot in that yuppie joint.

  2. I used to live above their other restaurant on South Van Ness, and I can vouch that they were always good neighbors. People waiting for tables or smoking could be loud on weekend nights, but it was usually over by 11:00, and the restaurant itself never made a lot of noise. Everyone at the restaurant is really nice, and they even delivered to our apartment in their early days.

  3. I really like Schmidt’s. I was in there recently and heard the stomping from upstairs. Reading the mission local article I discovered that Patricia Kemper’s apartment is rent controlled and she’s been there 30 years. That really is the problem. My rough estimate is she’s paying around $500 a month. She has what are euphemistically called golden handcuffs. So she’s pissed off that a restaurant moves in but can’t leave facing a 200% rent increase. So her recourse is to act like two-year old.

    1. Ah, so if you benefit from rent control you can’t complain anymore. Nice. But I guess you just not a rent control supporter. Perhaps you don’t plan on being in SF for more than the time it takes to finish your party and make your connections, then jet.

      Make everyone pay what the market will bear. Rich-only zone ahead.

      1. Chully, I think you misread my post. I wasn’t commenting on rent control either for or against, I was speculating that becuase she has a sweetheart deal her options are limited. If you read the mission local post, you’ll see that she has refused mediation. Instead, as I have observed, she stomps on the floor. This is what a 2 year old does.

        You can view the golden handcuffs from Schmidt’s perspective too. The articles talk about the investment they have in the place. They can’t move either. But Schmidt’s are adults, they are open to mediation.

        OK so that’s the reasoned retort. Now here’s how I really feel. You sound like a complete ass. What fucking party are you talking about? What jet are you speaking of? The mission is my home. I live and work here, I’m not going anywhere. You sound like you’re hung up on class, and I hear a tinge of racism in between the lines. So in the immortal words of Cee Lo fuck you

      2. You’re reading a whole lot of things into Jack Walker’s comment that simply aren’t there. He’s just outlining the woman’s reason for not moving away from a location that she clearly doesn’t like anymore. That, and rolling his eyes at her counter-productive behavior (she is now in no position to negotiate any further accommodations from the restaurant owner).

        And, just for the record, do you believe that all your neighbors should have the right to black-ball you from living where you do?

      3. Hey Jack, I re-read your post and my comment, and Cranky’s, and I did misread your post, and read into it more than was there. I’m sorry about that.

  4. I like Schmidt’s, and will continue to eat there, but feel that they lost the moral high ground when they stooped to their neighbor’s level.

  5. it can’t be that bad! I mean, i live in a single room above a bowling alley and below another bowling alley!

  6. “The staff has had to explain the problem to customers and at one point someone came inside and used sign language to say shame.” – ML

    That’s one way of describing it.

  7. I love love love Schmidt’s. Plus, the owners are good peeps who live in the neighborhood, and have lived here for a long time.

    And yes, the upstairs neighbor is probably upset because there is now a successful tenant downstairs, after at least 10 years or so when the storefront now occupied by Schmidt’s was vacant (and thus silent).

    It’s unfortunate the woman upstairs decided to act like a toddler, but Schmidt’s has taken a once-desolate corner of the Mission and made it worth visiting. VIVA SCHMIDT’S! VIVA LOS SCHNITZELS!

  8. I walk past this sign daily and all it serves to accomplish is making me feel really bad for the business located under such a grade-A asshole.

  9. What a nightmare! I heart Schmidt’s even more now. They are truly decent people for dealing with this as they have. I like that they post Mission Local’s article to give more info.

  10. Her sign is a rallying cry for me to patronize Schmidt’s as much as I can. I’ve had it with folks who want to deaden this city by acting out against legitimate businesses. It’s a big country where most homes are not above a thriving business in the heart of a city. The sign is GREAT advertisement as it means that the business is thriving and popular. Noise is the sound of commerce. I live in Chinatown, btw, and couldn’t be happier with the buzz outside. I’d love to see her try that sort of crap over here.

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