The Kids Drink Flor de Caña

Maybe Four Loko is really over. Maybe this award-winning Nicaraguan rum is the new jam. Carlos Reyes has a bunch more compelling evidence right here.

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8 Comments on “The Kids Drink Flor de Caña”

  1. uncomfortably hip Says:

    flor loko?

  2. carlos. Says:

    representin’ 4 da homeland!

  3. Sweet Moses, rum makes me want to die and then vomit all over myself and then die again. Ick.

    Whatever happened to the good ol’ days of crisp vodka and whore-y citrus infusions?

    • no.thanks. Says:

      infusing vodka was banned as quickly as it became popular in SF.

      PRO TIP:

      Next time Xanath ice cream is giving out vanilla beans, take on, bring home, cut length wise, scrape out the seedss, drop cleaned bean husk into your favorite bottle of mid-low shelf whiskey (absolut, etc), place bottle in freezer for 12 hours, remove vanilla beans (wash the bean off, it can be reused a bunch) and enjoy vanilla vodka over ice or with coconut juice with a splash of vanilla.

      God. Booze.

  4. I’m bringing back vermouth based cocktails, most of them from an awesome 1970’s cocktail book I found. They are surprisingly awesome.

    I still have 2 of my beloved Sparks left. Trying to figure out what event could possibly be worthy of them.

  5. tacotron Says:

    I loooove this rum

  6. Mike Says:

    nice boobs on her

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