The 2011 Tequila Bar Smackdown

Eater SF explains:

What a coincidence that Tacolicious co-owner Joe Hargrave announces plans for expansion on the same day the Beretta team unveils its tequila bar/Mexican eatery idea. Tacolicious number two will be in the Mission — the same nabe the Beretta folks are eyeing for their Mexican spot. Both parties clearly agree we need more tequila bars as Hargrave and co. will be opening one adjacent to Tacolicious.

I just hope the Beretta team’s version makes something called “The Improved Tequila Cocktail.” Read on.

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5 Comments on “The 2011 Tequila Bar Smackdown”

  1. hoboking Says:

    This is good to hear, there is a profound lack of Mexican food served in casual surroundings in the Mission, a lack that will finally be made up for by these two businesses! Hooray, finally I will be able to get affordable Carne Asada and Carnitas in my own neighborhood!

  2. Chas Gaudi Says:

    From the Chronicle (no further comment):

    “Tacolicious owner Joe Hargrave and executive chef Telmo Faria are bringing their Marina hot spot (2031 Chestnut St.) to the Mission development, along with an adjacent Tequila bar to be called Mosto.

    The one big menu change? The Marina Girl salad will be replaced by the Skinny Jeans salad, naturally.”

  3. travis Says:

    Whatever gets the holes in those crazy New College buildings filled in.

  4. SCUM Says:

    Valencia is becoming the new Marina.

  5. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

    I hope someone sets it on fire.

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